Guide to NaukriRecruiter

NaukriRecruiter Profile Basics

What are the benefits of NaukriRecruiter?

A recruiter profile will help in providing credibility to your job posting and emails sent by you to jobseekers by letting jobseekers know who they are interacting with for a particular job opening (By attaching your vCard to the job posting and emails to jobseekers). In addition jobseekers would be able to search and follow your recruiter profile. Jobseekers following your recruiter profile will get updates (on their Naukri jobseeker page) of any openings that you post using your profile.

How do I use my NaukriRecruiter to contact candidates?

Your NaukriRecruiter will be used to create a vCard for you, which can be attached to all emails that you send to jobseekers as well as jobs that you post on

What is a vCard?

VCard is a standard format for electronic business cards. Your NaukriRecruiter vCard will contain the following information: photo, name, designation, company and location. The Vcard can be attached to a job that you have posted or emails that you send to jobseekers.

NaukriRecruiter Profile Registration & Access

Why can't I access my created NaukriRecruiter without verifying my email id?

This is to increase the credibility of your NaukriRecruiter in case someone else tries to use your email id to create an NaukriRecruiter.

Do I need to pay to get a NaukriRecruiter?

NaukriRecruiter is a completely free service for HR professionals, Recruitment Consultants and Senior Managers who are involved in hiring candidates for their company, clients, or teams, respectively. It empowers them to make their search for talent more effective and personalized.

Will I have access to ResDex using my NaukriRecruiter?

No you won't be able to access the ResDex using your NaukriRecruiter. You will have to log in to Naukri Employers.

Do I need a Naukri Employer Login to create a NaukriRecruiter?

No NaukriRecruiter is completely separate from Naukri Employer login. You can create a NaukriRecruiter without any dependencies. You should ideally use a personal email id to register your NaukriRecruiter so that you can still access it if you change your current company.

For whom should the Industry, Functional Area and skills be mentioned – NaukriRecruiter or preferred candidate?

The Industry, Functional Area and skills are related to the job opening(s) for which you are hiring.

Why do I need to upload a picture/add old employers etc.

Adding a picture adds credibility to your profile from the perspective of the candidates/jobseekers. This is likely to bring more relevant responses to your job postings and also when you contact a candidate through email. Adding earlier employers will showcase your career experience and will add credibility to your recruiter profile.

NaukriRecruiter Profile Usage

How many Industry, FA and Levels hiring for can I add?

You can add upto 3 Industry, FA and 2 Levels hiring for in your NaukriRecruiter Profile.

Who would be able to see my NaukriRecruiter?

Your NaukriRecruiter profile would be visible to jobseekers on their Naukri Jobseeker profile page and when they search for recruiter profiles on Anyone with a link to your recruiter profile would be able to view it, however in order to follow your profile jobseekers have to login to their Naukri accounts.

Can I post Jobs using NaukriRecruiter?

You can post Quick Jobs which contain the following fields: Designation hiring for, Location hiring for, Company hiring for and Link to Job. Jobseekers following your NaukriRecruiter on Naukri would be able to view these jobs. In addition any job posting where the responses are collected in an email id used to create a NaukriRecruiter, will be displayed in that NaukriRecruiter.

Where would I be able to see the jobseeker responses/applies to jobs posted using my NaukriRecruiter?

For the jobs that are posted using your NaukriRecruiter, you will receive all jobseeker applications to the email id which was used to create your NaukriRecruiter.

How many jobs can I add under Currently Hiring?

There is no limit to the number of jobs that you can add under Currently Hiring. However, only 10 jobs will be visible on your NaukriRecruiter at a time, with the option to view more jobs.

How can jobseekers contact me based on my NaukriRecruiter Profile?

Jobseekers cannot contact you directly based on your recruiter profile. They can follow your recruiter profile using their Naukri Jobseeker profiles and get updates on the jobs that are associated with your NaukriRecruiter. In addition they can apply on jobs that you post using your NaukriRecruiter. These applications will go directly to the email id with which you have registered your NaukriRecruiter.

Can I log in to ResDex or job postings using my NaukriRecruiter profile email password?

Your NaukriRecruiter profile is a completely different from the ResDex and job posting logins. So you won't be able to login to ResDex or job postings using your NaukriRecruiter email and password.

I have a username password for Naukri Resdex and/or Naukri Job Postings. Can I log in to NaukriRecruiter with that?

Your NaukriRecruiter profile is a completely different from the ResDex and job posting logins. So you won't be able to use your username password for Naukri Resdex and/or Naukri Job Postings to log in to the NaukriRecruiter.

NaukriRecruiter Profile Privacy

Will my email id and mobile number be visible on my public profile?

Your recruiter public profile will not show your email id or your mobile number.

What happens to my profile if I leave my current employer?

Your recruiter profile is your personal profile and it is not linked to your employer in any way. So even if you change your company, your NaukriRecruiter will remain functional (So you should ideally create your NaukriRecruiter using a personal email id).

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